Closed Door Gong Fu Training

Martial Art The Way It Was Supposed To Be Learnt.


Although easy to learn, it takes intelligence to truly master...

This is one reason Wing Chun Gong Fu was passed down behind the scenes for centuries amongst small, elite circles, usually through family.

It was transmitted with the idea that the less who knew its secrets, the better for those who did.

This was the true goal and essence of the art: to specifically mislead the masses.  It was designed to fool the fools, but enhance the most dedicated and intelligent practitioners.

In other words...

What you see is not always what you get with Wing Chun.

Considering this, we believe it is only through small, dedicated groups with an emphasis on attention to detail, that the potential of Wing Chun can be maximised and unearthed.

Fast forward to modern times, and our ‘closed door sessions’ are restricted to small groups of individuals who seek a subtle and engaging martial art that challenges them more than just physically.

We invite you to read on and learn more about our training only if you believe you have these qualities.


Your Teachers

Sifu Zed Jones has been teaching training for over 15 years in various martial arts and experimenting in different styles.  After dabbling in a variety of styles and achieving snd Dan in Taekwondo, he furthered his journey searching for the ‘ultimate truth’ until he stumbled across Wing Chun in 2008.  Impressed but not satisfied, he went through various schools and lineages before finding the raw beauty in Sifu Xuan’s teachings and has been his committed student ever since, and represents his school in New Zealand.

Sigung Daniel Xuan has 50 years of experience and a unique approach to Wing Chun, having gained high levels of mastery under 3 lineages of Ip Man’s best students. He has dedicated his life to teaching and comparing Wing Chun bio-mechanically, holistically and pragmatically and is a regular writer for the WCI magazine (Wing Chun Illustrated).

As grandmaster of our school he has moulded the unique insights of the instructors you will be training hands on with.  He currently resides in Canada but as a student of his his representative, you will have early bird access to his private seminars.

Our Curriculum

Wing Chun was designed intelligently and made very compact.  It’s techniques, principles and strategies have been contained and transmitted to us by its forefathers (and fore-mothers!), ensuring a compact system that one can ‘graduate’ from without having your time dragged unnecessarily.

It has never traditionally had a belt ranking system and we believe it is with good reasons. To manage progress, we've developed a personalised checklist in the form of a ‘Training Map” is maintained and regularly reviewed with each student. Achievements on this training map are unlocked through reviews with a senior.

Everyone learns at their own pace, if you can dedicate yourself to master your mind and body faster, you will go through the system faster.

The first page of our detailed wing chun curriculum

The first page of our detailed wing chun curriculum

The Classes

The typical Martial Art school does not do enough to take into account the varying levels and differences in its students.  We aim to revive the old days of mentorship and apprenticeship in martial arts.

So besides keeping smaller, more personalised classes, our training offers several formats to achieve this relationship and maximise the limited time the modern practitioner has.

Core group training sessions

Running for at least 2 hours (depends on your stamina!) these are currently held once a week every Sunday afternoon. These sessions cover the fundamentals critical to the Wing Chun practitioner no matter what stage they are in their training.

This training emphasizes:

  • Increasing your sense of Proprioception, Balance and Tactile Sensitivity.
  • Thorough detail of the Siu Lim Tao form, it’s concepts and applications.
  • Application of theory and techniques through touching hands and sparring.

Advanced group training sessions

Once the beginner level is achieved, you may access both core and advanced levels. Held an hour before the core training, this session covers more advanced theory and is designed for those who have achieved enough objectives in their Training Map and details advanced sparring theory along with detailed training of the higher forms, it’s theories and applications.

Access to Specialised training

Special extra sessions during the week can be organised for those who wish to work on certain deficiencies in their training maps. This customizable class time is only organised for those who come to the regular core sessions and comes with an extra tuition cost.

Resistance training sessions

Our Wing Chun doesn't waste time with jogging and other lame 'fitness-filler' you'll find in the average school.  Instead it focuses primarily on hand-battle strategy and implementation.

But for those who want even more, we end classes with a 10 minute session that, 30 seconds in, you'll realise can replace any other workouts you do. It focuses purely on muscular growth that will compliment your fighting skills and provides a total body workout in a short amount of time.  Short and intensive, it follows an advanced and unique protocol to provide a complete fitness solution in the most efficient time frame possible, very similar to Wing Chun's goals.

Access to the WCX Private facebook training group.

This is a community portal for fellow students around the world where we:

  • Analyse and comment on fight videos and other martial art training systems to gain new perspectives.
  • Share questions with Sifu Danny and other international instructors in the WCX system.
  • Share and analyse our own training videos and review our progress with each other.

Tuition Fees

Before joining this closed door group, you must book a private one-on-one training session with Sifu Zed. This intro session helps you set your expectations about the unique way we teach, and ensures the approach is for you.'s also to ensure you are liked by your instructor.  (Hint: Sifu is looking for a certain mindset: one that loves to question, is prepared to test and compare what they learn, and is prepared to humble themselves in order to improve!)

If after private training, you may be invited to join as an official student, and gain access to all the above membership benefits. Your training fees would due to be paid in advance for every 3 months and is charged at 350 NZ dollars.

If Sifu doesn't get along with you or doesn't feel you would appreciate going deeper into our teachings...he will politely abstain from inviting you.

The accurate transmission of our science and art to dedicated students is our main goal.  As teachers committed to the authentic transmission of our teachings, we are only looking for those serious and patient enough to commit to a 3 month period, at least, in order to see development and progress.

We are not looking to grow our student base. We are looking for quality. Not quantity.

Quality students that will stimulate us as teachers of this deep, powerful and holistic art and science.

If you are the type that can dedicate themselves to a skill that will serve you well into your old age and are willing to 'empty the cup' in order to do so....

Feel free to submit your interest via email at

We look forward to hearing from you.