Wing Chun is one of the most unique and skilful martial arts in the world. It cultivates an understanding of combat not found in any other system of fighting. But to achieve real skill in Wing Chun requires a level of detailed self analysis that modern martial artists are not used to.

It is not for everyone.

Yes, it suits women, children, and even the elderly. It will allow you to generate unseen power through whatever your body type: Big, small, skinny, fat, muscle bound or otherwise. In fact in some cases the less muscles you have the better it works.

But... it requires a level of intellect that the average jock cannot appreciate.  It's not that you need a high IQ, but it means that you must have the mindset to look past the aggression and ego usually found in fighting and the movies. You will need the ability to appreciate geometry, philosophy, war stratagum, physical laws and anatomical science amongst other things.

We want you to MASTER the ART of fighting.

Not just the ACT of it.

But don't get the wrong idea. There is a reason its called MARTIAL art.  In classes, you'll be exposed to a lot of dynamic free-fighting to imitate the unpredictable flow of combat.  Using the principles learnt and applying them on the go to ensure rapid development.  Injuries are few however thanks to the emphasis on bodily control and negation of force we teach.

"Knowledge without action is like a tree without fruit.".

Learning Wing Chun requires interaction with other human structures. The more the better to test your anatomical understandings on. Even more important however, is that the concepts you are learning are accurate and time tested. There is little point in practicing something for years that is foundationally unsound.

Wing Chun Xuan is known for compressing the knowledge of the ancients and submitting it to scientific scrutiny which ensures rapid learning.

So...think you are up to the challenge?

There are many ways you can learn Wing Chun

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