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What's so special about Wing Chun?

Most prominently, it's most likely the only traditional Martial Art invented by a woman.  

This immediately puts a unique view point on fighting that is hard to find in other systems out there.  Its one of the most recent, being only 2-300 years old as it is the 'boiled down' version of the vast history of Kung Fu, through the eyes of the weaker gender, who revamped the fighting systems of her time so that it suited the physically weaker.

It is a close quarter combat system that prioritizes touch based sensitivity, structure and bio mechanics to gain the advantage over an opponent. It proposes a system of fighting that is the most efficient use of your physical resources...to gain the maximum results.

Which lineage is the best?

It's easy to answer the standard: "Whatever works best for you".
But that isn't helpful from an academic and theoretical perspective. Even fighting itself doesn't necessarily prove the best lineage either, it just proves the individual fighter's prowess. To answer this question one will need to develop a criteria first on what constitutes 'best'.

We can safely say though that Yip Man was clearly a martial genius who brought up some great fighters and intellectuals. But nowadays it's hard to sift through and find 'authentic' wing chun. Some question if it even exists?

That's why we take a scientific approach.

Test everything bio-mechanically in line with established WC principles.

Don't be afraid to question your lineage if it doesn't hold theoretically.

The truth can hurt but it makes us stronger.

What's so special about Wing Chun Xuan?

We felt the need to make the knowledge gained through Sifu Xuan's 50 years of teaching, fighting, research and testing more accessible. Many Sifus have even begun to recreate or add to the Wing Chun system to the extent of compromising its core principles due to a lack of understanding its applications.  Whereas we have been working on minimizing the fluff and reaching the deep, stable core of wing chun. Read our full story here.

Why aren't there any good Wing Chun mma/cage fighters?

WingChun was known to have excellent bare knuckle fighters.  Our Grand Master Wong Shun Leung for example was known to have won up to 100 underground bare knuckle fights.

Why aren't we doing so well today?

Good question, many will tell you, "Wing Chun is not a sport, it's too deadly for a ring fight" and there is some truth to this.   However, the overwhelming truth is that the quality of Wing Chun has steadily declined ever since Bruce Lee made it famous and everyone jumped on the commercial bandwagon.

What's so important about lineages and its politics?

Might seem like a mess but after comparing and researching various interpretations we've learned it's really a compliment. The deeper and more close to heart a subject is, the more differences of opinion that will arise.  Its the reason why religion and politics are always in debate. Wing Chun is a holistic, life changing,  intellectually stimulating, powerful martial art.  It's only natural that difference of opinion and interpretation arises.