10917445_10152986688586285_7508906350643965878_nSifu Zed Jones has been a student of Martial Arts for almost 20 years in various martial arts and experimenting and researching different styles.   Even at the young age of 12, he was training, teaching, studying and codifying his own personal style of Martial Art, which he named ShinJae, and of which he actually had private students of that learned it off him. This inquisitiveness and rebelliousness can be squarely attributed to his personal inspiration (and everyone's hero in those days) Bruce Lee, or at least Sifu Zed's dad, himself a high ranking JiuJitsuka, who bought him the book on Bruce Lee's fighting philosophies.  Years later, upon comparing his old notes to his studies on Wing Chun, he realised most of the logical conclusions he had reached had already been discovered and perfected in Wing Chun.  Realising that he was not as ingenious as he thought he was, he knew deep down that there was no need to reinvent the wheel but he ignored taking on proper instruction at the time, his ego hurt.

He achieved a high rank and multiple awards in Taekwondo, but, as if fate had it in store for him, his journey for the ‘ultimate truth’ was forced upon him due to the asthma he was plagued with.  The limitation reduced his stamina and made it difficult to exert the level of energy that the martial arts he had learned forced him to do.  He also noticed how his new marriage reduced his training time, which led to a loss of skill very quickly.  If something was so fitness dependent, how could we claim that it was the system itself that was effective and not one's personal level of fitness? Such questions made him continue his journey.

This and more forced Sifu Zed to finally take Wing Chun seriously in 2008.  Impressed at the concepts but not by anyone's ability to apply them, he went through several schools and lineages before being fully convinced of the raw beauty, simplicity, and deep understanding found in Sifu Xuan’s teachings and has been his committed student ever since he easily defeated him in a sparring match. He is now authorised to transmit Wing Chun Kung Fu through his Grandmaster Danny Xuan.

Although we put out training through various tests in every training session, we do not try to hide the fact that real life confrontations are more dangerous and difficult to test.  So, eager to test himself and what he had been taught, for a about a year, Sifu Zed took on the role of a restraint guard in a city hospital where almost every night he was called in to subdue and control aggressive patients who were either criminals or unpredictable due to their injury, substance abuse, medication and/or psychosis.  His success in applying the principles and techniques of Wing Chun Xuan in this setting further proved to him the superiority of the system and he regularly draws on the experiences there.

Sifu Zed currently teaches privately in New Zealand.