Sifu Xuan has the sum of 50 years martial experience, a majority of that, 40+ years, being dedicated solely to WingChun and the other years in Boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Taiji and Qigong.

Sifu Danny Xuan rejects the mass commercialism commonly found in Wing Chun schools nowadays and students of the martial arts find his classes a breath of fresh air.

He teaches the same way he was taught by his Masters. Personally, with a low teacher-student ratio and thus it goes without saying, a lot more effectively.

His high quality, small classes, conceptual and hands on approach has allowed for his students to master wingchun at a much quicker rate than those in conventional schools.


Sifu Xuan's Wing Chun Lineage comes through 3 major chains through GM Ip Man's students.  But using the science of Bio-Mechanics as a yardstick, differences between the schools were tested and refined by Sifu Xuan until a unique, powerful and broad understanding of the system was perfected.


A place close to his heart for its rich culture and his ethnic heritage, Sifu Danny also teaches in his beautiful school in Lijiang, China.

He was born at the bottom of the Himalayas in India, in a hill-station town called Kalimpong, that shared borders with Tibet, Sikhim, Nepal and Bhutan. His father Tibetan-Chinese; his mother Vietnamese, he moved to Calcutta as a boy, where everyday street scraps motivated him to start learning at the local boxing gym, before his family migrated to Canada , where he spent most his life and is still a citizen of.

He is quite the globetrotter, currently residing in Canada with his wife and children after over a decade in Thailand, but travels often to China and other parts of the world to teach private students.

He speaks English as a first language and knows Mandarin fluently allowing him to give students a deeper understanding of the Chinese Character forms chosen to represent concepts and symbols in Kung Fu.

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