Our Mission...

Is to empower modern Martial Artists through the intersect of:
1) Scientific analysis of bio-mechanics
applied to the
2) Traditional secrets of Wing Chun Kung Fu passed down the generations through its ingenious fighting masters.

Our vision can be summed up through 5 components that feel are critical...

Classical Revolution

Sifu Xuan's understanding of Wing Chun is set to revolutionise how people view traditional martial arts and sets a new standard for Wing Chun schools. We go all the way with depth and detail put through scientific scrutiny that exposes the genius of Wing Chun Kung Fu masters of centuries past.


Question Everything

Never again wonder why on earth you are doing something, even the smallest detail is open to scrutiny. YES even Wing Chun lineages and its masters. Wingchun being the most economical martial art means there is nothing wasted and nothing done without purpose. Don't lose that illuminating curiosity and become part of the robot army. If you are not ready to question, test, and put to test what you learn, then the Xuan way is NOT for you.


The Real Deal

We are tired of the low standards and unrealistic expectations in modern martial arts nowadays and especially sick of the bad image traditional martial arts have earned themselves. If its not practical, if it requires too much effort, if it compromises a core principle of fighting....it can't be part of the perfected and compact system of Wing Chun. Sifu Xuan has spent 50 years sifting through the BS so you don't have to.


Quality Transmission

We seek a return to the ancient mentorship model of the martial art journey. We hate the mass commercialism of the average 'dojo'. Quality understandings can only be transmitted through deep personal instruction. Relive the teacher-student magic from the golden age of martial arts that is rarely seen in today's world. Even for long distance students, huge detail and personal communication through online means, ensures little is left to the imagination. Quality over quantity.


Honest Empowerment

We sigh heavily when instructors' attempts to be more effective are simply exchanging skill for brute strength. We cry when its Wing Chun teachers we see doing that. So much time is spent in martial art schools on fitness...but what about the unfit? The small? Wing Chun was designed by women to defeat stronger men, but most Wing Chunners are still forcing their way through to win. We want to put that power back into the hands of the vulnerable, which is where martial arts was born from. We remove luck and physical effort from the fight equation and replace it with a smarter approach using time tested knowledge of physical laws.

Let's train smarter not just harder.


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